P & M Group
Always on the side who is most important You Customer!
We work with all major global producers, focus on service excellence so that we can meet world demand and our partners, sending more than 350 to 450 containers annually to every part of the world.
We have clients spread all over the world, in which they count on the security, credibility and quality of our services.

We work with the follow products below:
Markets that we oparate.

Today, P & M has more than 150 partner companies and operates in more than 50 countries, we have offices in Mozambique, South Africa and Brazil, to facilitate the export and import operation. We offer export and import trading services, logistical and operational services, we work directly with the authorities in the countries in which we operate.

Quality of Service and products

The products are manufactured following the highest standards of quality for food service distributors. We deliver our products and services to importers in the following industries: industries, wholesalers, distributors, food service providers and retailers. We offer a wide variety of packaging for wholesale and retail.

Why P&M Group
Food for all.

»  We work with all kinds of cut chicken / Hein / turkey / pork / cow / and other animal protein based products.
»  The main world producers are our partners
»  We embark to any port in the world.
»  We follow the whole process until the delivery at your establishment.
»  Most of our products have special approvals such as HACCP, BRC and other global certifications.
»  Most of the products are Halal certified and are strictly controlled for this purpose.


P & M Group comes from a long history of work and dedication to its clients, in which they have been being built for more than 15 years.
Over time, relying on friendship, respect, knowledge and dedication, we have been able to reach places where never before achieved.
Today we sell to more than 50 countries and with partners that are always been on our side from the beginning.
The company arose from the experience of two friends, who with a curriculum of work in large companies, decided to join forces and develop a work of excellence with their partners.

P&M Group Team
Today the company has collaborators working in more than 50 countries, offices in Brazil in which we do all the buying of commodities, sales to the Asian market, Caribbean, Middle East, Russian, office in South Africa and Mozambique, where we make sales to the entire African continent.

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Meet the Board:

Pedro Fontes
Function: CEO
Phone: +55-47-99912-9119
e-mail: pedro@pemtrading.com
skype: pedrofgomez
Portuguese / English / Spanish / Franch

Marco Natario
Function: CEO
Phone: +27-76-098-4545
e-mail: marco@pemtrading.com
skype: marco.natario
Portuguese / English / Spanish

P&M Group
P & M Group emerged from the idea of revolutionizing the way commodities trading, based on the need of its customers to understand the market in which they operate, with efficiency and profitability.
Today we live in a dynamic market, where every day companies that do not have a differential are losing space in the international market due to a lack of knowledge and help in their operations.
Based on this need, two friends who have a curriculum of work in big agribusiness global companies, had the idea to join forces and develop a differentiated work, in which its customers have total tranquility of doing good business for their companies. We are focused on changing the way we do commodities trading and offering a service in which your customer is part of our company.

With partners in continents continents, we have a portfolio of active clients in more than 50 countries, providing greater security in the service and in the international sales. P & M Group works with experienced suppliers to ensure a safe business for the markets, known and even even those not yet explored.

Negotiation with the foreign market;
» Project management and development;
» Logistic services and freight brokerage;
» Credit analysis of international clients;
» Analysis and structuring of credit card operations;
» Management of procurement contracts;
» Foreign trade financial operations;
» International charge;
» Customs Clearance;

Provide, on a global scale, advanced and effective solutions for export, import and import, with excellence and quality in sales, logistic and financial services,
always striving for good service and full customer satisfaction.

To be recognized as the company that offers the best export and import options, becoming a semblance of excellence in foreign trade operations, highlighting for innovation, solidity and efficiency.

Our goal is to be the best company for importing and exporting the market. To this end, we value certain points that we consider essential in the development of the work of a company that seeks to be at the top:

- Professional ethics;
- Responsibility and Transparency;
- Objective and effective communication;
- Reliability in the information;
- Planning of operations;
- Quality and effectiveness in the service before, during and after the services contracted.

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